Save Your Client from a Damaging Mistake (Bonus: Also Good for Mastering Your Holiday Party Invitations)

Back in June, we wrote about the dangers of lawyers BCC’ing their clients on email to opposing counsel. If the client doesn’t see that opposing counsel was copied on the email, they might accidentally reply all to the message, disclosing privileged or confidential information.

In general, copying parties with different interests on the same email can lead to disaster. But for busy professionals, creating separate emails for different parties can be a burden.

ReplyToSome 2.0’s new Split Email feature makes it convenient to adopt best safety practices.

(ReplyToSome 2.0 is free for personal use. Visit our homepage to request a free copy.)

Split Email allows you to create separate, identical copies of an email for Bcc’d recipients, and removes the Bcc'd recipients from the main email. It also allows you to customize each email before sending. To see how Split Email works, read the description below and check out the short video.

First, draft your email and include each party that you want to send it to.

Next, assign each party that should receive a separate copy of the email in the BCC field. You can do this quickly in ReplyToSome by selecting the rows you want, right-clicking over the field, and then selecting Bcc.

If there are any parties that should be copied on all of the separate emails (for example, your colleagues), place them in the “Cc” field.

Then click the “Split Email” button. ReplyToSome will remove each Bcc’d recipient from the original email and create a new, identical draft email for that recipient and anyone who was Cc’d.

Finally, customize each email however you want and send away!

(In addition to being a powerful safety feature, Split Email is also a great way to send out personalized batches of holiday party invitations. We always monitor – hint, hint)