Born of late-night deadlines and raised on coffee, ReplyToSome is the tool we wished we had when sending out critical emails.


If you’ve ever sent out a career-threatening email at 2AM, on your sixth cup of coffee, you’re in good company – that’s when the story of ReplyToSome began.
     In 2009, Peter Norman, then a young lawyer at a major New York-based law firm’s Singapore office, was up late. He was drafting a crucial email to his clients. Peter’s cursor hovered over the send button and his finger over left-click. If he sent the email to the wrong person, Peter didn’t know what would happen for his clients. For himself, he imagined bread lines. He pressed click.
     Peter didn’t lose his job that night or the next. His career advanced, but still he saw bright and organized associates make serious email mistakes (he had a few close calls of his own). Like most large businesses, his firm used Microsoft Outlook. Spending many late nights in front of Outlook, Peter became keenly aware of its limitations.
     In 2014, after years of searching for an off-the-shelf technical fix that would address these limitations, Peter decided to build it himself. He linked up with a small group of friends and colleagues, including Eric Norman, a project and program manager with experience building complex IT systems (and Peter’s dad).
     Peter and his partners formed Winnieware LLC to improve the way Outlook handled the needs of professionals on complex, messy projects. They surveyed dozens of friends and colleagues about how they use email and decided that the fix they had in mind should offer:
1. An interface that displays email addresses in easy-to-read rows, helping to quickly sort, find, and edit addresses.
2. A set of tools automatically identify addresses that have been omitted or unintentionally added to an email.
3. A simple, efficient way to create, modify, and use distribution lists.
     And they wanted all of these features to be intuitive for experienced users of Outlook and require only a few minutes to learn. The result is ReplyToSome.


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